Michał Staszczak

Michał conducts workshops and foundry demonstrations, building outdoor furnaces for melting bronze, aluminium and cast iron. He creates assemblage sculptures, bas-reliefs and installations which are cast from metal. In the creative process, he also uses 3D design and printing technology.

The majority of my works are surreal creatures or imagined landscapes. I mostly work in cast metal: bronze, aluminium and iron. The choice of technique and material strongly affects the way I make my works. The method of assemblage which I use to create my sculptures is much more complex than just gluing things together. I collect different objects and textures to build a sort of ‘library’. I then choose the ones I like, make plaster moulds and fill them with wax. This allows me to create elements which I can freely multiply, modify and join.

Recently, I have been assembling models of my sculptures in virtual space and this method gives me even more freedom. I scan different elements in 3D, then model them with the use of 3D programs and finally print them. Regardless of what material the sculpture model is made of, most of the works are finally cast in metal.